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WHO ARE WE? is not a business or government agency. We are a small group of enthusiastic private individuals from around the world who love Istria and who have volunteered to work on this project. Some of us are Istrian-born while others are of Istrian descent. We even have a few highly dedicated non-Istrians in our group who have close kindred ties to our people.


As a team, we are devoted to collecting and disseminating the multi-cultural heritage of a beautiful and magical land known as Istria. Three people originally created this web site, and we now have a small team that is dedicated to educating and celebrating, and thus preserving, the many cultures of our beloved region of Europe. 

We have two primary objectives. The first is to create a communications link that will reconnect Istrians all over the world to one another. The second is to establish a presence on the Internet about and for Istria that will serve as a repository of information about the recorded history, culture, arts, sciences, and all other past and present treasures relating to Istria and its people both within Istria and around the world.


The initial funding for our project comes from a handful of people who joined together to create this domain and from occasional small contributions from individuals who are sympathetic to our mission. We have also received one-time  donations ranging from $150 to $300 from several Istrian clubs in New York City, and two clubs have donated twice between 1998 and 2006. We seek your ongoing financial support as there are no known philanthropic grant options available for our unique circumstances.


Since we are a non-commercial and non-political web site that is a privately-owned and unfunded enterprise, we ask for your financial support through individual pledges and organizational sponsorship. Send your contribution (tax-deductible in the U.S.A.) and marked "for" to:

Istrian American Charities Association, Inc.
P.O.Box 564217
College Point, NY 11356

If you also wish to physically participate in our mission, please send an email message addressed to: We are looking for volunteers to join our working team to help us do the actual work of expanding and managing a large web site. The tasks are many and varied, and we could use lots more good people in our group effort. Please have a look also at our Acknowledgements.

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