Where is Istria?

Istria is in Central Europe!

Harry Thurston Peck in his Harpers Dictionary of Classical Antiquities (1898) describes the Istria or Histria of ancient times as:

"A peninsula at the northern extremity of the Adriatic, separated from Venetia by the river Timavus, and from Illyricum by the river Arsia. Its inhabitants, the Istri or Histri, were a warlike Illyrian race, who carried on several wars with the Romans, till their final subjugation by the consul C. Clodius Pulcher, B.C. 177. Their chief towns were Tergesté [Trieste] and Pola."

Some historians add that the first inhabitants of Istria were not Illyrian at all but probably immigrants from the city of Histria (also Istronopolis or Istros), part of a Milesian settlement that was founded in the 7th century B.C. at the mouth of what was once the long-standing frontier of the Roman Empire, the Ister (Danube River) where it empties into the Black Sea - a colony that was abandoned during the 7th century A.D. Several others state that the Istria in the Adriatic Sea emerged from the legend of Jason or his persecutors at Colchis.

NASA and other topographic images show the real Istria to be firmly planted in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea across the bay from Venice. The region and its subterranean mountain range consists of a peninsula and a small group of surrounding islands - Brijuni (Brioni), Cres (Cherso), Lošinj (Lussino), Unije (Unie), and Susak (Sansego), plus clusters of smaller islands and islets. Flanking these is the larger island of Krk (Veglia), the cities of Trieste (Trst) and Rijeka (Fiume), and the surrounding regions of the Julian Alps. All of these geographical locations have been closely linked to Istria's long and colorful history.

Today, Istria is politically divided into four parts by its three ruling nations: Croatia, Slovenia and Italy. Despite their undemocratic disection of Istria, it nonetheless became the first region of ex-Yugoslavia to be officially designated as a "Region of Europe". [ (Assembly of European Regioins) - see related segment of 1995 map and Current maps at]

Istria is indeed a very unique and special place! Zoom in on our detailed maps of Istria by clicking the following animated image.

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