Prehistory to 999 A.D.

Hunnic Empire

Attila the Hun (405–453), also sometimes known with the nickname as Attila the flagellum Dei (Scourge of God) or simply Attila was the most powerful king of the Huns and was regarded as a sacker of cities. From 434 until his death, he reigned over what was then Europe's largest empire which stretched from Germany and the Netherlands to the Ural river and from the Danube River to Poland and Estonia. During his rule, he invaded the Balkans twice and besieged Constantinople in the second invasion; he marched through Gaul (modern day France) as far as Orleans before being defeated at the Battle of Chalons. In 452, he wiped the city of Aquileia off the map and drove its inhabitants to the small islands which became Venice. He then headed toward Ravenna and drove the western emperor Valentinian III from his capital, but stopped short of entering that city after a meeting with Pope Leo I, after which he retreated.

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