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8 ft. bronze statue by Marjorie Fitzgibbon - Earl Street North, Dublin, Ireland (near the Volta Cinema), unveiled on Bloomsday (June 16) 1990. (Click to see zoom view) Statue - Fluntern Cemetery, Zurich, Switzerland (Click to see the entire gravesite).

Bust - St. Stephen's Green, Dublin, Ireland.

Bust by Marcello Mascherini  - Public Gardens, via Giulia, Trieste, Italy
Statue - On Bridge over the Canal Grande, looking towards where Joyce used to live at the Piazza Ponterosso, Trieste, Italy.
Statue - in the cafè bar Uliks (the name is derived from Joyce's most famous novel, Ulysses), in Piazza Port'aurea.
Statue - Szombathely, Hungary 


As one might expect, there are many portraits, abstract paintings and caricatures of James Joyce to be found around the globe. Here are just a few:

james_joyce.JPGLeft: Portrait by Eamonn Robbins (20th/21st Century); Watercolour, 46 x 32 cm)

Eamonn Robbins lives and paints in Dublin and is a regular exhibitor at the Royal Hibernian and Royal Ulster Academies. He has won a number awards including the Emer Gallery prize at the RUA 2003 exhibition held in the Ulster Museum Belfast.

Right: Portrait by Jacques Emile BlancheIn, Trieste.

Irish art - James JoyceRight: James Joyce by Barrie McGuire [http://www.maguiregallery.com/barrie/joyce.htm], offered for sale on the internet:

Original: 44" x 66", Oil on Canvas   $6250
Regular size: Image is 13" wide by 21" high (Limited edition of 250 prints, signed and numbered. $160 (plus shipping). Unframed. Larger size: Image is 20" wide by 30" high (Limited edition of 25 prints, signed and numbered. $335 (plus shipping). Unframed). Here is the text that is superimposed on the painting:

"Once upon a time and a very good time it was there was a moo-cow coming down along the road and this moo-cow that was coming down along the road met a nicens little boy named baby tuckoo ... 

His father told him that story: his father looked at him through a glass: he had a hairy face.

He was baby tuckoo.  The moo-cow came down the road where Betty Byrne lived.  She sold lemon platt."

-  Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (opening lines) 

Michael Farrell's 1991 caricature.

Left: Caricature by Michael Farrell, 1991 (courtesy of Taylor Galleries). Farrell who depicted Joyce many times had been fascinated when he heard that while sitting for an artist in Zurich Joyce said:

"Never mind the soul, just get the tie right!"


Following each of the below links will take you to a page dedicated to the film.

Book Adaptations

  • Passages from Finnegans Wake (1965) - A surreal series of montages adapted from Finnegans Wake - http://www.themodernword.com/joyce/joyce_film_fw.html.
  • Ulysses (1967) - Joseph Strick's controversial, modern-day setting of Ulysses - http://www.themodernword.com/joyce/joyce_film_ulysses.html.
  • A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man (1979) - Joseph Strick's film of Joyce's first novel - http://www.themodernword.com/joyce/joyce_film_portrait.html.
  • The Dead (1987) -- John Huston's last film, a haunting adaptation of the final Dubliners story - http://www.themodernword.com/joyce/joyce_film_dead.html.
  • bl,.m (2003) -- Stephen Rea stars as Leopold Bloom in Sean Walsh's cinematic Ulysses - http://www.themodernword.com/joyce/joyce_film_bloom.html.

Inspired by Joyce

  • James Joyce's Women (1985) -- Fionulla Flannagan plays an array of "Joyce's women," real and fictional - http://www.themodernword.com/joyce/joyce_film_women.html.
  • Nora (1999) -- A biopic of James and Nora, adapted from Brenda Maddox's book - http://www.themodernword.com/joyce/joyce_film_nora.html.
  • A Shout from the Streets (2000) -- A short indie film inspired by Ulysses - http://www.themodernword.com/joyce/joyce_film_shout.html.
  • Pitch 'n' Putt with Beckett and Joyce (2001) -- A three-minute Irish short, Beckett and Joyce play miniature golf while awaiting W.B. Yeats - http://www.themodernword.com/joyce/joyce_film_pitchnputt.html.


  • Ten Great Writers, Vol. 7: James Joyce (1988) - An educational video - http://www.themodernword.com/joyce/film_grjj.html.
  • Famous Author Series: James Joyce (1996) - An educational video - http://www.themodernword.com/joyce/film_fasjj.html.
  • James Joyce: The Trials of Ulysses (2000) - Details both Joyce's struggle with writing the book and its troubled publishing history -http://www.themodernword.com/joyce/film_ulysses_doc.html.
  • Bloomsday Cabaret (2004) -- A documentary on Joyce and his love of music. (In the making: this is an off-site link.) - http://www.bloomsdaycabaret.com/
  • Joyce to the World (2004)  - A documentary on the Bloomsday Centennial. (In the making: this is an off-site link.) - http://www.fritzfilms.net/jttw/

See also:

  • April 28, 1991 - James Joyce's Zurich, New York Times (English)
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