Giuseppe Tartini
Prominent Istrians

The art of bowing
(L'arte del arco)

Ed. Per Hartmann

[Reprinted from Edition HH, Music Publishers, Bicester and Bristol; listen here:]

These 50 variations are based on a Gavotte by Arcangelo Corelli. Each variation is a small étude developing an important element of violin technique. Without doubt written for pedagogical reasons, these variations represent the summit of baroque violin technique and are invaluable as a source for teaching. They can be played either by violin alone or with the basso continuo accompaniment which is reproduced at the bottom of every page. 

From the Preface:

In Tartini's treatise Trattato di musica he suggests that the function of all technique is to achieve the expression of the human voice and the emotions behind human language. "Ciascuna passione ha li suoi moti particolari, e il suo tuono particolare di voce" (Each passion has its own gestures and tone of voice).

Hearing Tartini play, his pupil the French violinist Pierre La Houssaye (1755-1818) refers to "...le magie de l'archet". Tartini's pupils would practice the same pieces of music at different points of the bow, and beginning with either down-bow or up-bow.

These variations are more than just technical exercises; we returned to the original text and the original phrasing is again visible.

  • Edition HH, Music Publishers, Bicester and Bristol -

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