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As our domain continues to expand and evolve, we are continuously seeking volunteers to join our all-volunteer work force to provide materials and/or create web pages on all aspects of Istrian heritage. We are non-commercial and unfunded, so would also your appreciate financial an/dor material contributions, regardless of size. If interested, please write to

We have a tribute to the tragedy of September 11, 2001 at the World Trade Center of New York City which includes photographs and other contributions by various Istrians and one Dalmatian. To view, click here.

New or updated web pages as of :

  November 23, 2014
GENEALOGY, Town - added a page for:
  November 22, 2014
GENEALOGY, Town - added a page for Labin - Albona.
  November 21, 2014
GENEALOGY, Town - added a page for:
  August 23, 2014
GENEALOGY, Surname - added a table of Italian and Rumanian Surnames Amidst the Slavic Population of Istria in 1922.
  August 3, 2014
PROMINENT ISTRIANS, Giannandrea Gravisi - added Saggio di commento ai cognomi istriani (Italiano).
  July 27, 2014
PROMINENT ISTRIANS, Giannandrea Gravisi - updated Cognomi italiani fra gli slavi della campagna istriana (Italiano),
  July 24, 2014
RELIGION, History - added L'Istria al tempo della fondazione della Diocesi di Capodistria (Italiano).
  July 18, 2014
  July 17, 2014
PROMINENT ISTRIANS, Andrea Antico - added:
  July 6, 2014
PROMINENT ISTRIANS, Andrea Antico - added:
  • 1881 - Alberto Zanetti, Andrea Antico, Archivio storico per Trieste, L'Istria e il Trentino (Vol. I)

  May 28, 2014
HOME PAGE - modified and updated the slide show.
  May 10, 2014
NAVIGATION, Sea - expanded the Immigrant Ships Toscana page.
  April 30, 2014
ARCHITECTURE - expanded the Castles and Palaces section.
PROMINENT ISTRIANS, Vittore Carpaccio - added two photographs to La casa del pittore.
  March 23, 2014
CARTOGRAPHY, Vintage - expanded the collection of maps.
HISTORY - expanded the page on the Margravate of Istria.
  March 22, 2014
HISTORY - added Istria, from the 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica.
  March 15, 2014
HOME PAGE - expanded the new slide show which now contains 450 distinct images.
HISTORY, 1800 to Present - updated the Chronology of U.S.A. Immigration, Legislation and the Ellis Island Immigration Station (to 1998).
  March 11, 2014
HOME PAGE - expanded the new slide show which now contains 421 distinct images.
  February 26, 2014
RELEVANT NON-ISTRIANS, Georg von Trapp - updated the Biography.
  February 25, 2014
HOME PAGE - replaced the slide show.
RELEVANT NON-ISTRIANS, Sextil Puşcariu - added a map and expanded the page of Towns and Hamlets where Istro-Romanian was Once Spoken.
  February 8, 2014
PROMINENT ISTRIANS, Bepi Nider - expanded the Poetry page.
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