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As our domain continues to expand and evolve, we are continuously seeking volunteers to join our all-volunteer work force to provide materials and/or create web pages on all aspects of Istrian heritage. We are non-commercial and unfunded, so would also your appreciate financial an/dor material contributions, regardless of size. If interested, please write to

We have a tribute to the tragedy of September 11, 2001 at the World Trade Center of New York City which includes photographs and other contributions by various Istrians and one Dalmatian. To view, click here.

New or updated web pages as of :

  December 30, 2015
CUSTOMS AND TRADITIONS, Winter - expanded The Evolution of Santa Claus in America and added a new section, Is There a Santa Claus?
  December 25, 2015
CUSTOMS AND TRADITIONS, Winter - expanded The Evolution of Santa Claus in America page.
  December 17, 2015
CUSTOMS AND TRADITIONS, WINTER - performed the following:
  December 13, 2015
PROMINENT ISTRIANS, Pietro Paolo Kandler - expanded the text and added bookmarks with links to Cenni al forestiero che visita Pola.
  November 27, 2015
PROMINENT ISTRIANS, Bernardo Schiavuzzi  - added hyperlinks to Le epidemie di peste bubbonica in Istria.
PROMINENT ISTRIANS, Aldo Cherini - added La peste di Capodistria e il Santuario di Semedella (1630-1631).
  November 26, 2015
RELEVANT NON-ISTRIANS, Dante Alighieri - expanded La leggenda di Dante nella Regione Giulia.
  November 21, 2015
CARTOGRAPHY, Vintage Maps - added an 1848 map from Übe die geologischen Verhältnisse von Istrien.
PROMINENT ISTRIANS, Pietro Stancovich - expanded the Works index page.
  October 28, 2015
GENEALOGY, Family - added a page on de Castro - Castro.
  October 22, 2015
HISTORY, Prehistory to 999 A.D. - expanded the page on Constantine VII - Constantine Porphyrogenitus.
RELEVANT NON-ISTRIANS, Titus Livius (Livy) - expanded the following:
  October 18, 2015
ARCHEOLOGY, Roman Period - added fotographs to L’acquedotto romano di Val Rosandra.
  October 6, 2015
PROMINENT ISTRIANS, Carlo Marchesetti - added several images to the Index page.
  August 30, 2015
PROMINENT ISTRIANS, Pietro Stancovich - expanded the following:
RELIGION, Clergy - added a page for Bonifacio, Vescovo di Parenzo.
  August 28, 2015
CRAFTS AND TRADES, Masonry - expanded the Works in Istrian Stone page.
CITIES, TOWNS AND HAMLETS - added a new page for Vrsar - Orsera.
PROMINANT ISTRIANS, Pietro Stancovich added Biografia di Andrea Rapiccio.
  August 27, 2015
PROMINENT ISTRIANS, Pier Antonio Quarantotti Gambini - added a new Index page.
PROMINENT ISTRIANS, Andrea Rapicio - expanded the pages on his Latin poem, Histria.
  August 25, 2015
PROMINENT ISTRIANS, Giovanni Quarantotto - added a new Index page.
HISTORY, Pre-history to 999 A.D. - added M. Graziussi (1905) - La narrazione della guerra istriana del 178-177 in Livio e in Ennio, Pagine Istriane.
PROMINENT ISTRIANS, Andrea Rapicio - added a new Index page.
  August 22, 2015
CITIES, TOWNS, AND HAMLETS - added a page for Duino.
HISTORY, 100O TO 1799 - expanded the page on Raimondo della Torre.
  August 17, 2015
ARCHEOLOGY, Roman Period - added:
GEOSCIENCES, Hydrology - added from April 23, 2014 - Una serata triestina per l’acquedotto istriano, La Voce del Popolo (Italiano)
ISTRO-ROMANIAN COMMUNITY WORLDWIDE, News Media - added from May 2, 2014 - May 5, 2014 - Foreign Minister Titus Corlăţean, received by the President of the Republic of Croatia, Ivo Josipovic (Press Release)
  August 12, 2015
PHILATELY, Postage stamps - updated the 2010 Stamps.
  August 10, 2015
  August 8, 2015
PROMINENT ISTRIANS - Alida Valli - added:
  August 7, 2015
PEOPLE, Albums - added to Fulvio Di Gregorio's folder: Fulvio Tomizza: Cinque lettere sugli Istroromeni
PROMINENT ISTRIANS - Giorgio Surian - added:
  August 6, 2015
RELEVANT NON-ISTRIANS, James Joyce - added:
  August 1, 2015
PROMINENT ISTRIANS, Laura Antonelli - added the following:
  May 16, 2015
GENEALOGY, Town - added the surnames for:
  April 29, 2015
GENEALOGY, Town - added the hamlets and surnames of Vranja - Vragna.
  April 26, 2015
GENEALOGY, Town - added the hamlets and surnames of Žminj - Gimino.
RELEVANT NON-ISTRIANS, Georg von Trapp - added Movie vs. Reality: The Real Story of the von Trapp Family.
  March 6, 2015
CRAFTS & TRADES, Mining - added:
  January 14, 2015
GASTRONOMY, Osteria Istriana - expanded the Oresgnaza recipe page.
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