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Franco G. Aitala
Project Participant
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Born in Draguccio (now Draguć), Istria
Resident of Springfield, Pennsylvania, USA

20 May 1932 - 13 June 2005

The Cry of the Child

"I am what I believe in!"
The cry of the child
Resounds high in the sky.
It meets the softness of the clouds
The whisper of the winds
The echo of thousands cries
Rising from an ungrateful earth.

Crisscrossed by the spidery-web
Of border threads,
Marked by multicolored splotches.
The globe differentiates
Where there is no difference,
It separates where there is union
It demarcates hate where
There should be love;

Yet I believe in the community of the spirit.

May the seas unite the continents,
Not divide them;
May the skies reverberate
With the cries of joy
From humanity reborn in
New hope for eternal love.


Dear Franco,

You enjoyed being first in line on our alphabetical lists, and you chose to also be the first member of our work team and online family to pass on. We thank you for your dedication to Istria and participation on our project. You are and will be deeply missed.

May God bless you.


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