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Guido Villa
Family Albums
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1933 - 2013
Home in Melbourne
The home that Guido built in Melbourne, Australia
Guido's first home in Australia (Coburn, Western Australia) -  Left: 1950-60s and Right:  2005
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Maternal homestead (birth home) - Buscina / Clabot (1943-4)
Near Sv. Marija na Krasu (Madonna del Carso) in the municipality of Umag (Umago)

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Clabot/Klabot clan (1930)

Top row: Caterina, Guido's mom ((1911-2008) is on left, while great-grandmother Caterina Jakac-Klabot (1856-1942) 4th from left, grandmother Maria Kovacevich-Klabot (1886-1968) and grandfather Matteo Klabot (1875-1960), 3rd and 2nd from right.

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Caterina Clabot-Vilanovich, now Villa (1911-2008)

Guido Vilanovich, now Villa
10 March 1933 -27 July 2013
Marco Vilanovich (1933)
1942 - Guido on the mus
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Guido (1942) Guido's parents Caterina and Marco Vilanovich (1942)
1949 - Trieste classmates, Guido is in the center (click image to enlarge)
1950 - Classmates in Trieste
1950 - Guido played in a band at 17.

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Guido, age 19 (1952) Guido, Trieste (1953) Guido, age 21 (1954)

March 27, 1954 - day of departure: the Toscana transports Guido from Trieste to Australia.
Guido Villa and (non-transferable).

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Dapper Guido eating a banana (1955) Margaret Stewart with Guido posing
as a count (1956?)
In Australia (1950s)
Back row: cousin Fiorella, mum, and Gino Sinosich (?); Front: Margaret Stewart (friend) and Guido
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Guido and the eagle (New York City, 1977)

Guido at the Montona gate, Istria (1977)
Guiido and his mum visit cousin Mario and other relatives in Buenos Aires, Argentina (1986)
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Guido in his garden (1995) Marino Zancolich, Istrian-born friend and neighbor from Strugnano, Istria, meditates in front of Guido's  rose tree (1998)
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Guido, his mum, and Andy Visin (visiting from Torino) and the pear tree (1999)

Guido, his mum and the wisteria (1999)
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Guido and the magnolia tree (1999)

Guido's self-portrait

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